Sari Schorr New Band

SARI SCHORR – New Band – New Show

Ash Wilson, Bob Fridzema, Mat Beable & Roy Martin

​Opinions of the new show after just 5 Gigs in January

“‘First Lady of the Blues’…it’s a struggle to think of anyone else right now who deserves the title more than Sari Schorr.”
“…tunes such as Aunt Hazel that really highlights just how good Sari Schorr is at invoking passion, grit, empathy and out-and-out rock in single number.” – Chris High for Planet Mosh

“This was the second time I had seen Sari Schorr & The Engine Room, last year they played the Borderline, and I have to admit, the change in band members was for the good. The Borderline performance might have been funkier but the Half Moon set drifted in darker and heavier tones, allowing Sari to showcase her expressive vocals”.

 The New York native presented songs from her debut record with the outstanding Demolition Man and some well-known standards like Leadbelly’s Black Betty and Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin. Her voice and Ash Wilson’s guitar improvisation reshaped the classic tunes giving them a modern sound. She is a charismatic vocalist with a big, edgy voice and a perfect blues feeling that resembles Janis Joplin. Without a doubt, she owns the stage”.  ROCKSHOT

“Sari Schorr is an amazing performer and all of the musicians were an outstanding band as a unit.”
“Every moment of the set was filled to the brim with a great groove and absolutely incredible solos from guitarist, Ash Wilson and keyboardist, Bob Fridzema. I instantly fell in love with the sound, the music filled my head space and every instrument was so well balanced it was hard not to love every moment of the music.”  – Mitch Bircahll Reviews

“This was one of those ‘I was there’ gigs, the kind you want to see when an act is just breaking through. Sari Schorr has the voice and the personality to go a long way, and with this band behind her there’s no reason why she won’t do just that. When she comes around again it’ll be to many more people and I expect within a year she’ll be occupying territory currently held by Beth Hart and Joanne Shaw Taylor, she is without doubt in that class. Highly recommended.” – Ronnie Soo for Rock Gigs and Blogs

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