The Wilson Brothers – Live

Ash Wilson Phil Wilson and Roger Inniss supergroup release a live album of explosive contemporary rock and roll flirting with psychedelic blues.



Brave new world, brave new band. The WILSON BROTHERS beamed in from another dimension with explosive contemporary rock and roll flirting with psychedelic blues culminating in an emotional experience that tantalises the senses. This is the sound of the future arriving as heartfelt, expansive, inspirational, delicate, exciting, perplexing and sometimes divergent philosophical journey.     

Ash& Phil Wilson have considerable musical experience playing alongside Sari Schorr, Scott Mckeon, Sean Webster, Jesse Davey and Well Hung Heart. 

They have been joined on this exciting new venture by their musical brother Roger Wilson Inniss whose background includes artists such as Chaka Khan, Mike Taylor, Errol Brown and Joanne Shaw Taylor: adding a sonic chemistry that has to be heard to be believed. Have a listen for yourself in the video link below.

  1. Peace and Love
  2. Hold On Now
  3. World’s Gone Crazy
  4. Out of Time
  5. Holding Hands
  6. Broken Machine
  7. Show Me How To Love You

The Wilson Brothers

“One of the best nights ever at the THMC. Ash Wilson, Phil Wilson & Roger Inniss doing what they love. After giving a sublime performance over two sets, the audience rose as one to show their appreciation.” Ken Jackson



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