Robin Trower

Robin Trower

“Robin Trower’s latest release Time and Emotion is so damn good – perhaps his best solo album since he was in his 40s” – Classic Rock Revisited

Robin Trower, one of the most justly-acclaimed of British Rock music’s elder statesmen, releases his latest album entitled TIME AND EMOTION on Manhaton Records on May 5th 2017.

The unassuming Robin Trower has, over the forty-odd years since his departure from Procol Harum, assembled an incredible body of work, from his commercial high water mark with the epochal Bridge of Sighs album in 1974, through to his latest offering TIME AND EMOTION. His music has never attempted to make concessions to commercial demands, and his improvisational skills have consistently re-set the bar in terms of blues-soaked inspiration and intensity. Trower remains one of the most talented musicians that the UK has ever produced.

TIME AND EMOTION comes hard on the heels of the recent Trower releases Something’s About To Change, and Where You Are Going To. Classic Rock Review have stated “The album really has no weak tunes. It starts strong, and finishes strong.”

Now Robin Trower is back with perhaps his best solo album since he was in his forties. Considering Robin is 72, that is saying a something! It is not that Trower’s recent efforts are not worthy, but rather that his latest release Time and Emotion is so damn good.

If you love electric guitar then you will love this album. It is sly, sleek and soothing at times and rocking and rolling other times.

Robin Trower spent the early 60’s playing guitar in various London based outfits, the most successful one being The Paramount’s. They specialized in mostly covers, but managed to issue several singles between 1963 and 1965 and were a favourite band of the Rolling Stones. It wasn’t until 1967 that Trower received his big break when he joined Procol Harum. Trower was a member of Procol Harum until 1972.

After leaving Procol Harum, Trower embarked on his solo career and found the success that has made him a legend today. Armed with his fluid and powerful guitar style, redefined during his stint with Procol Harum. All of his early albums share a tough, explosive style mixed with his trademark “soft psychedelia” that made Robin Trower a power trio that will forever remain in Rock n’ Roll history.
Trower released his solo debut, Twice Removed From Yesterday, in 1973. The album barely left a dent in the US charts, but that would change soon enough with his next release 1974’s “Bridge of Sighs”. The album skyrocketed into the US top ten, peaking at number seven selling a million and a half copies and it still sells 15,000 copies a year to date worldwide.

Although “Bridge of Sighs” was to be his most popular solo release, Trower’s stock continued to rise throughout the mid 70’s, as he became an arena headliner on the strength of such hit albums as 1975’s For Earth Below, 1976’s Robin Trower Live and Long Misty Days, plus 1977’s In City Dreams. Further releases followed in the 80’s, and a brief union with ex-Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce spawned a pair of releases, 1981’s B.L.T. and 1982’s Truce, before Trower returned back to his solo career.

The 80’s saw Trower expand his audience with several releases that updated his blues-rock style (such as 1987’s slick produced Passion). During the early 90’s,Trower returned back to Procol Harum for a brief reunion (1991’s Prodigal Stranger), before backing ex-Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry on a few releases (1993’s Taxi and 1994’s Mamouna, the latter of which Trower earned a co-producer credit for). The 90’s saw Robin consistently touring the USA with his power trio.

Robin Trower is a consummate musician who is still perfecting his craft into his seventh decade on earth. He is a master at what he does and refuses to rest on his laurels. This guy can play. It really is that simple.

"At 71 years of age, most people are looking to settle down, slow down, retire. But Robin Trower is still making music that holds up well when compared to his output forty years ago. Long may he rock."
Throw Trower in with the rest of the blues greats – reflective, respectful and universal."

Robin Trower - Time and Emotion Sampler

Robin Trower Live - Day Of The Eagle Bridge Of Sighs