USM – United State Of Mind (CD)

United State Of Mind

Format: CD

Released: 2021


“This should be on everyone’s player this year – it is a simply fabulous recording.” – Andy Snipper (Music-News)

“I’m hearing a sweet Curtis Mayfield-like groove here”

Arnold Layne via Youtube


1. United State Of Mind

2.  Are We Just People

3.  On Fire Like Zsa Zsa

4. Walking Wounded

5.  Sunrise Revolution

6.  Hands To The Sky

7.  Bring It All Back To You

8. Good Day

9. Where Our Love Came From

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Official release date – Friday 5th March


“A coming together of two creative souls who found some common ground, and made a little magic happen.”

John Masourii – Echoes)

“I’m hearing some 70s Isley Brothers in there, especially given the strings and the soulful guitar. I’m wondering if this was intentional when the song was written or just a natural way to produce the track once the basics were established. Maxi sounds a bit like Davey Pattison here too, especially in the phrasing. I’m not familiar enough with his vocals to know whether that’s a by-product of who he’s working with or just the way he sings anyway”

Kevin Betts

“This album has all the elements of the music I loved growing up in the 70s. Strings, horns, psychedelic guitars and tons of soul. I’ve been sharing tunes left and right on social media.”

A Fan via Youtube


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