USM – United State Of Mind (CD)

“This should be on everyone’s player this year – it is a simply fabulous recording.” – Andy Snipper (Music-News)   1. United State Of Mind 2.  Are We Just People 3.  On Fire Like Zsa Zsa 4. Walking Wounded 5.  Sunrise Revolution 6.  Hands To The Sky 7.  Bring It...



United State of Mind features three of the UKs music legends – reggae vocalist Maxi Priest, rock guitarist Robin Trower & producer/bass player Livingstone Brown. After a chance meeting in Livingstone’s studio, this unlikely trio hit it off. All influenced by soul & gospel, Robin & Maxi discovered they were born in London just 2 miles apart, Robin in Catford and Maxi in Lewisham. The album was a real co-production, with Livingstone also arranging the live string sections. Here are just some of the many reviews:

“A coming together of two creative souls who found some common ground, and made a little magic happen.” John Masourii – Echoes

“This is a decorous and dignified album of graciously exquisite sounds presented by three superlative talents. The songs will steady your nerves and settle your jitters. Pure velvet harmony…” RawRamp Magazine

“United State of Mind hits on all cylinders—songwriting, vocals, musicianship and production. Trower, Priest and Brown have captured some kind of magic. I hope they will continue on their musical journey together and release more albums. Highly recommended.” Rock and Blues Muse

“Nine-tracks of blissed-out, soulful music that whisks the listener away to a place where everything is alright, alright, alright. In places, it’s Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, or Bobby Womack performing with a bad-ass guitarist alongside them. You could even trick someone into believing that the opening moments of the lush title track feature Paul Rodgers on vocals. The guitar work from Trower is gorgeous, a wonderful exercise in restraint that every budding guitarist should be made to study. His playing is warm and rich, and when the wah-wah starts to cry (‘Are We Just People’), it’s truly sublime. Often dictated by Livingstone Brown’s sweet bass licks (‘On Fire Like Zsa Zsa’ should have bass merchants purring with delight), the pace of the album is so laidback that it glides rather than walks. After a few spins of moments such as the aforementioned ‘Are We Just People’, ‘Walking Wounded’ (just shading it as the standout track of the nine featured), the atmospheric horns on ‘Hands To The Sky’ (which comes complete with a lyrical tip-of-the-hat to Marvin Gaye), the beautiful string arrangements on ‘Bring It All Back To You’, and the throbbing, pulsing feel of ‘Good Day’, the listener should be cured of all that ails them.” Devilsgate Media




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