Pontus Snibb (Bonafide) – Snibb

Pontus Snibb – the guitarist/vocalist from Swedish hard rock band Bonafide‘s debut album from 2002. Very rare!



Pontus SnibbA great recommendation from Eric Bibb – Manhaton are delighted to have released Pontus Snibb‘s debut album in 2002. Pontus Snibb (vocals, guitar), Pelle Jernryd (guitar, vocals), Nikke Ström (bass), Håkan Nyberg (drums), Magnus Nörrenberg (keyboards, harmonica, vocals)

Pontus Snibb has since gone on to play in Bonafide, Jason & The Scorchers, Wreck of Blues, and The Mescaleros. He went on to form the band Bonafide in Malmo Sweden in 2006.

Track Listing

1Yourself To Blame
2Love Letter
3Make Me Whole Again
4Lucky Man
5The Reason I'm Here
6Stone Cold
7It Isn't Fair
8Join In Hands
9Still Be There
10Harm's Already Done
11Milky Way
12One Romance


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