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KING KING Rescheduled dates/Alan Nimmo statement

Rescheduled dates/Alan Nimmo statement

Latest from the King King camp…..
“As you know I have had yet another set back concerning the recovery of my vocal cords. Firstly I’d like to once again apologise to you for not being able to carry on at the Wharf in Tavistock on Friday 28th July and also for not being able to perform our shows at Buckley and Steelhouse festival on the same weekend.
Unfortunately, it is now clear, that in order for my voice to fully recover I need to undertake an extended break from performance. After further consultation, I plan to take a minimum of a 3-month break to undergo a period of rest & vocal rehabilitation.
This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to take in my career and fully realise King King will be letting down an awful lot of people in the next few months, I can only apologise most sincerely. It would be unfair to our wonderful fans, for me to carry on as I am and risk ruining any further King King gigs.
I’m working to get fighting fit, both vocally and physically to perform at the top of my game when we return to the stage towards the end of the year”
Alan Nimmo
For all those that have tickets, We have some good news, we’ve managed to reschedule the October tour in January.

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