A Force Of Nature

Manhaton Records is pleased to announce the debut album A Force of Nature from one of the most exciting Blues-Rock singers on today’s scene, Sari Schorr. The album is produced by the legendary Mike Vernon, whose credits include Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall & the Blues Breakers, David Bowie, Savoy Brown,...

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For once the title says it all. A Force of Nature, you’ve got that right. Sari Schorr is one of those rare artists who combine genuine talent and an effervescent nature that makes you truly believe that whatever she sets her mind to, it can be achieved. A Force of Nature a thrilling, riveting listen, and this, coupled with Mike Vernon’s raw, yet perfectly focused production job, makes for one of the albums of the year.
Already a consummate songwriter in her own right, with tracks on major labels, Sari has written or co-written almost all the songs on her debut album, which features guitarists Walter Trout (John Mayall, Canned Heat), Innes Sibun (Robert Plant), Oli Brown (RavenEye) and keyboardist John Baggott (Massive Attack, Portishead). The album delivers hard-driving Blues-Rock, influenced by the late ’60s British Blues movement. Sari (who trained as an opera singer) mixes Blues, Rock, and Soul with concrete melodies and poetic lyrics to striking effect.


Press Reviews

A Force of Nature is one of those fabulous records full of depth and nuance that you just want to listen to over and again. There’s Mike Vernon’s fabulous production work, of course, and the band simply cooks, but, at the heart of it all, there’s Sari herself, whose vibrant personality leaps directly out of the recordings. It’s simply stunning listening to her tear into these songs, grabbing every opportunity that life offers with both hands and taking the listener very much along for the ride. This is soulful, life-affirming blues at its best, and reviewing it was a pleasure from start to finish.” – Sonic Abuse

“New York vocalist Sari Schorr has the effortless range and sense of drama to give any song real purpose and tonight she connects with her showcase crowd as if delivering a personal message face to face.” – Get Ready to Rock

Track Listing

1Ain't Got No Money
2Aunt Hazel
3Damn the Reason
4Cat and Mouse
5Black Betty
6Work No More
7Demolition Man
9Letting Go
10Kiss Me
11Sotp! In the Name of Love
12Ordinary Life

10 reviews for A Force Of Nature

  1. R via Amazon

    A Powerful Singer. A fantastic album! Sari Schorr has a great voice and sings with a lot of passion!

  2. Allan F. via Amazon

    A Powerful Singer. Top Of The Shelf Another Star Is Added :):)

  3. pete clark via Amazon

    SARI SCHORR, THE ALBUM, THE VOICE, THE BAND OF THE YEAR, THIS IS JUST AWESOME! Wow ! this lady is something else, saw her last week with her amazing band The Engine Room it was sensational. She performed several of the songs from this truly outstanding release, by far the best blues based album of the year. At the time of writing it stands number three in the USA, and it is that good.
    Fantastic production by the legendary Mike Vernon, think Eric Clapton John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, John Primer, the Blue Horizon record label in among a career of wonderful albums, and this is up there with them. Sari is going to be without question one major star. The voice has power, but is so soulful, she has a great personality plus the fabulous Innes Siburn on guitar.
    This album, this lady from New York is totally unmissable, reviews and fans are raving about her. This is the one album you’ve just got to get this year, treat yourself to an album you’ll play over and over again, twelve tracks of pure blues and soul. Her version of ‘Black Betty’ is one of the best you’ll ever hear. most of the songs are originals three co-written with Mike Vernon. Absolutely great set of musicians at work here. What more can I say but get hold of a copy now !

  4. Phyllis Povell via Amazon

    Five Stars. Loved the variety of songs. Sari’s voice is amazing.

  5. Marla D. Schoor via Amazon

    Great Album. Very enjoyable gutsy blues by a great blues singer on the order of janis joplin
    impressive vocal range

  6. Fabrizio Grossi

    Now, that’s a singer !!!

  7. Seth Salwen via Amazon

    Omg. What an amazing CD from an equally amazing group of musicians. Sari and the band bring it every time. You’ve got to buy this!

  8. Frances

    Sari Schorr and Mike Vernon have made a stunning album that is sure to go down in blues history.

  9. Adrian Corbishley via Amazon

    A superb debut album from one of the best blues rock singers around. One of my favourite releases from 2016, packed with hard-hitting and meaningful songs. With pulsating, dynamic tracks like ‘Aunt Hazel’ and ‘Damn the Reason’ to subtle and sophisticated songs like ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Letting Go’, this lady has a message to tell, and with her power, range and control, you certainly sit up and take notice. I bought it last September, and I’m still regularly playing it several months later – definitely the sign of a great album!

  10. Kevin Dearn via Amazon

    Sari Schorr is a force of nature indeed. This is her debut album and it show cases her impressive vocal talents. Sari has an incredible voice; it will take me a long time to tire of hearing it.

    The music is solid, including her version of “Black Betty”, which she makes her own. She stamps her authority on the music. I for one look forward to hearing more from the highly talented woman.

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