King King Wembley

King King

“The Best Blues Rock Band In The World” – Pete Francis – Blues Rock Review

Sari Schorr by Jean-Philippe Huguet

Sari Schorr

“Bottle the power of Grace Slick with the whiskey doused warmth of Janis Joplin and the vintage vocal result is Sari Schorr…” – Express Mail

Robin Trower

Robin Trower

“Robin Trower’s latest release Time and Emotion is so damn good – perhaps his best solo album since he was in his 40s” – Classic Rock Revisited

Stevie Nimmo

Stevie Nimmo

“Sky Won’t Fall is one of those records. One that will appeal to – and be loved by – everyone. Just one of the best blues records of 2016, it will end up being one of 2016’s best records.” – Max Volume Music

Ben Poole

Ben Poole

“He’s a heck of a soulful singer and uses his guitar to great effect without overpowering you with guitar hero machismo.” – Blues Rock Review

Steve Hill live

Steve Hill

“Steve Hill has a distinctly old-school blues sound with a fresh contemporary twist and it is most certainly refreshing to see” – NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW

Mike Vernon - Beyond the Blue Horizon

Mike Vernon

Legendary producer and now bandleader Mike Vernon’s startling debut album ‘Beyond The Blue Horizon’ features tough, energising and tuneful rocking slabs of R&B in the vein of Fats Domino, Wynonie Harris, Little Richard and Louis Jordan. An instant classic!